MAK Innovation has its doors open for clients and all those who are curious to know about wonder full mix of creativity and logic woven here.

Campaigns have a very short life while ideas are there to stay. MAK Innovation is all about ideas, ideas conceived and developed by people, who in the end make a difference.


We are an advertising and marketing company. We excel at providing results – driven advertising and marketing. Through a rewarding environment, we encourage our people to achieve our mission of providing compelling marketing concepts and excellent customer service.
We measure our success through client satisfaction on manually agreed upon criteria between the agency and the clients.

Our specialty is in creative designing like newsletter, annual report, catalogue, magazine and creative campaign.



Our greatest strength is our people, which is why we provide access to tools and resources tailored to individual needs from performance management to skill development.

We offer in-house technical training and professional learning programs aimed at developing skills across a broad spectrum of topics such as technology, creative, digital marketing, art and design, publication, team management, work management, leadership, role-based training, and process expertise.

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